Product & Publication Formats

NCQA Store publications and products are offered in a variety of formats, designed to best suit your usage and needs:

Hard Copy  

Hard copy
 publications are printed books. All HEDIS Volumes and the Health Plan Accreditation Standards & Guidelines are available in this format. This format is ideal for those who prefer to use paper copies, and want the ability to take notes or bring the publication to meetings for sharing.


Epublications (epubs)
 are zipped Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat-formatted document files designed for downloading and viewing. They are accessible through NCQA's Download Center site after purchase. Epubs are offered in a variety of user levels to fit your organization's needs and are simple to load onto your PC, network or intranet.

 Web-Based Publication


 publications are formatted for display or printing through a web-browser. They are accessed through NCQA's Internal Review Tool (IRT) website after purchase. Unlike the epublication format, web-based publications are non-downloadable. Web-based publications are offered in a variety multiple user levels to fit your organization's needs.