HEDIS Digital Measures

Digital Content Services Banner: Make HEDIS the Next Step on Your Digital Journey
Embracing the Future

Welcoming Digital Content Services

To our valued customers,

NCQA is excited to announce a pivotal transition in our digital offerings. The Digital Measures Bundle has served as a cornerstone of our services, providing countless users with the quality and support of HEDIS measures. As technology evolves, so do we. To offer you an even more seamless, efficient, and dynamic experience, we’re transitioning our inventory to an advanced cloud-based platform: Digital Content Services.

Why this Change?

With this move, NCQA aims to:
  • Provide instant and hassle-free access to HEDIS content without the need for downloads.
  • Decrease overhead and manual processing, streamlining your experience.
  • Offer automated alignment to the latest industry data, interoperability, and quality standards.
  • Introduce advanced tools to enhance the precision, utility, and seamlessness of HEDIS insights and calculations.

Ready for the Next Step?

NCQA invites you to be a part of the transformation. If you’re looking for MY2024 measures or any future releases, join us on our new platform.

Apply for Digital Content Services Now

For those working with FHIR data and equipped with cloud capabilities, this transition promises a wealth of advanced tailored to modern healthcare needs. Thank you for your trust and partnership. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation together.

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