Quality Compass 2016 RRU + Quality Index Medicare

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This Quality Compass product includes "Relative Resource Use" (RRU) measures, which help illustrate how services like doctor visits and hospital stays relate to quality. They indicate how intensively plans use physician visits, hospital stays and other resources to care for members identified as having one of five chronic diseases; cardiovascular disease, COPD, diabetes, hypertension and asthma. When evaluated alongside quality measures, RRU measures make it possible to consider quality and spending simultaneously.

For purchasers, a key insight of Quality Compass RRU + Quality Index is that, unlike some goods and services, the level of resources that plans expend to care for members and the quality achieved are weakly related. In some instances, quality and resource use appear to be inversely related (i.e., higher quality is associated with lower resource use). Therefore, quality and resource use should both be considered when comparing health plans.

This file is offered in .CSV format only.

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