PCMH PRIME Standards and Guidelines *For Massachusetts Practices ONLY* (epub)

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Note: Intended only for Massachusetts practices applying to PCMH PRIME as an add-on to NCQA 2011 or 2014 Recognition prior to November 17, 2017.

For Massachusetts practices that demonstrate the ability to address behavioral health in primary care. Behavioral health issues can often first identified in a primary care setting, and there is growing consensus that behavioral health should be integrated into primary care. Behavioral health conditions (mental illnesses and substance use disorders) can be exacerbated by under-/delayed diagnosis and treatment. This is a serious public health problem nationally and across Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Health Policy Commission (HPC), in collaboration with NCQA, developed the PCMH PRIME Certification Program, which identifies criteria that are key to integrating behavioral health care into primary care and certifies practices that meet a majority of these criteria.

Beginning November 17, 2017 all practices seeking PCMH PRIME Certification will apply through a new NCQA survey platform (Q-PASS) and will be subject to a modified version of PCMH PRIME standards. At this time, practices will have the ability to apply to PCMH PRIME concurrently with PCMH 2017

More information on PCMH PRIME Certification can be found here.