PCMH Benchmark File

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Patient-Centered Medical Home Benchmark File—Gain Insight Into PCMH Performance Metrics at the System or Organization Level

Develop industry-level statistical comparisons or identify specific practice-level areas of improvement by utilizing benchmarks

For the first time, NCQA is releasing benchmarking data on its PCMH applications. These data are now available for researchers looking to utilize statistical data points to gain industry insights or key quality improvement areas to facilitate data-driven decision making. 

The PCMH Benchmark file is founded on two decades of experience researching and measuring health care quality. Data are obtained through the 2011 NCQA PCMH Recognition program, the most widely used PCMH evaluation program in the United States.

The file aggregates a broad number of data points gathered from NCQA-Recognized practice submissions and lets you see pass rates on standard, element and factor scores. 

The PCMH Benchmark file allows data segmentation along several parameters: 

  • Organization Benchmark (HHS, National, State).
  • Specialty (All, Family Practice Only, Internal Medicine Only, Pediatrics Only).
  • PCMH Level (Overall, Level 1 or 2, Level 3).
  • Practice Ownership (FQHC/CHC, Hospital/Health System/Health Plan, Military, Other Practice Association, Physician-Owned [<5 Providers, >=5 Providers]).