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Quality Compass

Quality Compass is an indispensable tool used for selecting a health plan, conducting competitor analysis, examining quality improvement and benchmarking plan performance. Provided in this tool is the ability to generate custom reports by selecting plans, measures, and benchmarks (averages and percentiles) for up to three trended years. Results in table and graph formats offer simple comparison of plans’ performance against competitors or benchmarks.

• Quality Compass 2018
• Quality Compass 2017

New Benchmark Products

For the first time, NCQA is releasing benchmarking data on its PCMH applications. These data are now available for researchers looking to utilize statistical data points to gain industry insights or key quality improvement areas to facilitate data-driven decision making. Relative Resource Use measures indicate how intensively plans use resources such as physician visits and hospital stays to care for members with a chronic disease (i.e., cardiovascular disease, COPD, diabetes, hypertension, asthma). Compare your organization’s RRU data against this benchmark file to identify detailed areas of improvement, as well as areas where your organization may excel.  

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HEDIS and CAHPS Legacy Set Products

The HEDIS® and CAHPS® Legacy Set is a free download including National benchmark and plan level data previously released by NCQA. Results are delivered in Excel format and are separated by product line (i.e. Commercial, Medicaid) and HEDIS/CAHPS year.

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