Quality Compass 2019 File 5-Commercial

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File 5 Commercial and Medicaid Licenses contain detailed Member Satisfaction Data using the HEDIS/CAHPS 5.0H Adult Survey. This blinded member-level data is collected using the HEDIS/CAHPS 5.0H Adult Survey. Organizations contract with NCQA-Certified Survey Vendors to administer surveys using HEDIS survey specifications, and to submit collected data to NCQA for calculation of HEDIS survey results.

NCQA survey programs employ various data validation and cleaning routines to ensure that only valid and appropriate data are used to calculate HEDIS survey results. The data included in File 5 represents cleaned, validated data sets that NCQA used to calculate HEDIS 2019 CAHPS 5.0H survey results.

File 5 is offered as a CSV file and is ideal for research and analysis.

For licensing of Quality Compass products for more than 30 users, please submit a request via my.ncqa.org or contact NCQA Customer Support at (888) 275-7585.