Quality Profiles: The Leadership Series - Focus on Patient Engagement (epub)


Quality Profiles: The Leadership Series - Focus on Patient Engagement (2011)

In 2011, NCQA in collaboration with Pfizer Inc released a publication providing practical examples of how patient engagement can help improve health care quality and value.

Patient engagement is the cooperation among health care practitioners, health care administrators and patients to improve and maintain patients’ health. This includes helping patients understand and manage chronic conditions and prepare for expected health events, such as childbirth.

By focusing on the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders in the health care system, this edition:

  • Explores the great potential patient engagement has in improving health outcomes and quality of care
  • Examines strategies that can be implemented by key stakeholders to facilitate patient engagement efforts in ways that have the possibility of improving health and overall health care
  • Highlights advancements in patient engagement from organizations that have successfully incorporated patient engagement strategies as a means to improve patient care
  • Encourages stakeholders to invest in changes that will promote the widespread adoption of patient engagement initiatives with the goal of creating a more patient-centered health care system

Profiles and Quality Lessons focus on:

  • How social media and new technologies can be used to promote patient interaction with providers and empower patients to be active in their care
  • How health coaching can help engage patients and improve health outcomes
  • How patient activation measures can be integrated into care to increase patient engagement
  • How to use patient engagement techniques to increase screening rates and activate high risk patients
  • And much more!

Quality Profiles: The Leadership Series—Focus on Patient Engagement offers a comprehensive, incisive analysis of how patient engagement can advance the quality of care.